The New York Institute of Health and Behavior, Inc. (NYIHB) delivers human services that are in keeping with the agency’s mission to provide Research, Training and Clinical Support Services to both clients, human services professionals and organizations. NYIHB is also focusing on substance abuse and mental health services to address the multiple problems associated with the individuals and families: homelessness, family problems unemployment, vocational training, social coping skills, and post incarceration legal obligations such as parole and probation. At NYIHB our services not only focus on planning and prevention, but we use a comprehensive approach to treating symptoms and eliminating the root cause of the problem. The need to provide the aforementioned services to veterans is also high on NYIHB's list of priorities. Prevention services provisions are slated to be addressed via Community Advocacy and Group Workshop projects which will involve collaboration with established community groups/agencies, community activist and political leaders that foster preventive measures to reduce crime, health disparities and general public safety problems that affect the general population. The research, services and training to be provided is well within the scope of the team of human services professionals currently associated with NYIHB (and most are alumni of Columbia university’s doctoral program of health and behavior studies ). The collective sum of education/experience and expertise of our staff exceed 150 years.


Often, more than one area of expertise is required when helping individuals, families, businesses and communities. We can provide you with a comprehensive array of services and support that will provide the appropriate treatment and support to eliminate the root cause of the problem. We also couple training and advocacy with our services.

Training Services

NYIHB is currently authorized and approved by OASAS to teach the initial educational requirements of 350 education course hours to Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors Trainees (CASAC-T). This authorization includes the approval to teach OASAS approved renewal courses to assist fully qualified CASAC’s to maintain their existing certifications.

Research Projects

The staff of NYIHB have doctoral degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in New York. These scholars are highly skilled in conducting research to enhance treatment and provide knowledge to individuals, families and communities. The areas of focus for research are: mental health, substance abuse and health disparities.

Our Amazing Team

Dr. Floyd Phillips



Roger Jeff Cunningham

Family Service Specialist


Curtis Evans

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Magda Alliancin

Director of Community Affairs


Dr. David Brown

Director of Health


Dr. Enrique J. Santiago

Director of Behavior Health Services


Jan St. Hill

Our teams of dedicated human service and health educator professionals are well-versed in many specialized areas, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex clinical, educational and research matters.

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